Company Information

Long-Term Vision & Action Guidelines

Fuji Kosan Group
Long-Term Vision

The Fuji Kosan Group has as its long-term vision, “Remaining an energy trading company that contributes to society through supporting environmental greening and the stable supply of energy.” As such, while responding rapidly to changes in the business environment, we will accelerate initiatives such as strengthening the reduction of environmental impacts and the diversification of our Recycling Business, based around the five pillars of Oil, Recycling, Environmental, Home Energy, and Rentals.

Action Guidelines

We shall:

  1. Achieve the formation of a circular economy through activities to reduce environmental impact.
  2. Contribute to the development of a civil society through sustained business activities.
  3. Continue to advance unceasingly through repeated innovation and challenges with a sense of speed.
  4. Construct a management strategy that emphasizes the stakeholders, and carry it out properly.
  5. Emphasize compliance and respond as appropriate for societal norms.